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5 DPS in a Team to Farm GW2 gold and Take on Quests in Guild Wars 2?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 2:04:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

Massive-Multiplayer Online games have something in common. Usually classes should be strength-oriented, agility-oriented, or intelligence-oriented. And we have to either choose to be stalwart tanks capable of mitigating high amounts of damage, versatile healers balanced around keeping other players alive, or some other variation of damage dealer. But on the opposite, Guild Wars 2 claims that Guild Wars 2 is distinct from traditional MMOs. The stereotypical Tank/Healer/DPS group is not required in Guild Wars 2. That is to say, you may encounter a strange phenomenon that a group of players are all DPS. So is it true? Buy Guild Wars 2 to have a test.

Since I are playing dota in spare time, I know that it is OK to have 5 DPS heroes. In dota, DPS is the key to success. Compared with tank, If you are DPS, when you face off against a tank, you can use the high speed of attack and high damage to deal with higher damage even if the tank is hard to kill. Oppositely, the tank has lower DPS, they deal with lower damage. You can slay the tank just with 5 attacks. If Guild Wars 2 is really what they claim, it is less important when it comes to team matching. So you don't have to have a tank, a healer in a team. You can team up with any classes if you like. Then players with good team spirit and good application skills will be the priority when a team is formed.

So Guild Wars 2 is fresh to most of the gamers. I just Guild Wars 2 gold buy and buy cheap Guild Wars 2 to have an experience.

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