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7 Ultimate Tips on GW 2 Crating Every Adventurer Should Know

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 1:12:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

gw2 craftingLike any good MMO, Guild Wars 2 is really bad at explaining things. So here we've collated 7 useful tips every player should know when doing GW 2 Crafting. It's stuff we always see people asking about in the chat window, and that people keep asking us. Hopefully you'll find it useful too.

Tip 1:  Make your refinements and components as soon as they become available.

Refinements and components only give experience for twenty five levels. You will want to front-load them as much as possible because doing so will extract the maximum experience before they go gray. You’d better start by doing batch refinement of everything you have collected so far and then make enough components for your discovery process.

Tip 2:  Discovery is almost always better than grinding.

The reason why is that discovery yields 100% more bonus experience than grinding on a known recipe. The only reason we would grind is if you are making something that you will use (bags, gear, multiple runes, etc) or if you find an especially easy recipe (cooking and artificer have a lot of these low hanging fruit). Also note that jeweler has fewer recipes than the other professions. You will most likely have to make duplicates from 25-50. After this, you will have enough recipes to level with discovery.

Tip 3:  You should make items appropriate to your sub-tier when possible.

You may be tempted to keep leveling a Sub-Tier 1 level item once you hit level 25 because they will still yield experience. Resist the urge. Why? You will level much faster and more efficiently using the Sub-Tier 2 armor that just opened up. This will mean you will have more available fine crafting components for Sub-Tier 3. Since this is the hardest Sub-Tier to get through, you will need to save as many components as possible.

Tip 4:  Be adaptable in your level strategy.

Have you been finding a ton of a specific component? Go ahead and discover one of each type of item that component can make. Are you finding an even amount of components? Cherry pick the recipes that use the least amount of materials and make one type of each of those. You should be constantly evaluating what you have available and use the appropriate materials. The main thing to watch out for is the second set of 25 points. Don’t violate Tip 3 if you can help it.

Tip 5:  Don’t be afraid to use the trading post.

You can get a lot of discovery points making things like runes and sigils if you buy the rare components on the trading post. Always be searching for cheap fine crafting materials and rare components. Sell you excess materials and buy these cheaply. You will level a lot faster if you do. But you must find the legit and safe traders like to buy Guild Wars 2 gold and items, because we use face to face trading and the delivery can be done in ten minutes.

Tip 6:  Become best friends with web crafting databases

While most of the general recipes are predictable, you will often miss easy experience like runes and bag discoveries. Make sure you can get the most useful and sensible tips.You should follow sites like wiki.guildwars2 to get a general understanding of what is available to craft and gw2db for its sorting potential. In particular you can follow the newsletters from some professional site. GW4gold newsletter share with our subscriber the most fast way to crafting in both our E-book and our Email.

Tip 7:  Don’t kill yourself with efficiency, especially if you are making equipment for yourself as you go

You don’t need to worry about being as efficient as possible. As long as you are not completely inefficient you should be able to level quickly and easily. Just making gear you are going to use will almost take you through a tier.


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