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Best Guide for Farming Gold Easier and Quicker in Guild Wars 2

Friday, January 4, 2013 12:31:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

Just as some players complain that farming gold in Guild Wars 2 is really harder than in other games, more and more players turn to website to find some useful guides for farming gold in game. GW4gold is a great site that provides customers the cheapest Guild Wars 2 and also many great tips for players to play the game easier. Welcome to our site to enjoy our cheap gw2 gold and best guides for the game! Today, I would like to share several tips for farming gold easier and quicker in Guild Wars 2!

Looking at ectoplasm

It’s suggested that you to look at ectoplasm and ponder quick ways to get it. Fractal runs spring to mind - with the recent changes it may be easier to find a group for those of us who fell of the bleeding edge of fractal progress.

Keep an eye on explorable mode dungeons

When you cast your eye towards explorable mode dungeons, you can be supposed to get a group of people together to get a routine in one of the paths in the easier dungeons. You can use the tokens earned to get rares pretty cheaply (again for a gamble at ectos).

Sell your leveling gear to a vendor

Right now people are pricing their gear as low as they possibly can. When you account for trading post fees you would make less money than if you just vendored it. So just choose to vendor it. It is instant gw2 gold and you will actually walk away with more.

Sell cooking ingredients 

Cooking has proven to be much easier than most expected. The amount of people that are leveling cooking is much higher than we saw during the beta. At least that is what most people think based on the markets.  When leveling hit up all the gathering nodes you find.  You will get a ton of herbs, onions & mushrooms and they all sell well. Onions are currently selling at 18c/ea. You will not get as many of them as you will copper ore, but you will still make a decent amount of gold just by picking them up.

Flip minis

Just look at all the pets. There are a ton of them that sell for 3-4 & 5 silver. Most of them have a quantity of 1. You can buy them up and raise the price. I have found a lot of luck in this. I will buy up the bottom 4-5 of them. I may raise the price from 4 to 8. This is such easy gold. People are snatching up pets like crazy. The best part is this market is entirely maintained on people purchasing pet packs (with a few exceptions) so the market is unlikely to become flooded.

These are some tips I would like to share with all Guild Wars 2 players! Wish you can get some help with these tips and get much Guild Wars 2 gold in game! Have fun!

The GW4gold Team

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