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Buy Cheapest GW2 Gold on GW4gold & Enjoy Fractals of the Mists

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 11:52:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

If you have an experience of shopping on GW4gold, you can be sure that we always providers customers many great services such as the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, various promotions, helpful Guild Wars 2 guide as well as latest update information of the game. As you may notice that there are many update news of GW2 for November including the Lost Shores, Friends Free Trail, New Beta PvP Map and also the new dungeon - Fractals of the Mists. Here is detailed information of Fractals of the Mists Dungeon.

What is Fractals of the Mist?

This dungeon is very different from those you faced in previous Guild Wars 2. It’s built of an array of mini-dungeons which are called fractals. These fractals are the slices of Mists and fragments of time are stabilized by the intrepid asura researcher Dessa. And so you don’t need to worry about being lost in the Mists. Maybe you are familiar with some of these vignettes, but you will also meet many totally new events.

How to enter Fractals of Mists?

Before enter Fractals of Mists, you should build your group of five at first. And then you can access in Lion’s Arch and entering a new asura gate. It’s a good news that your group can be any level. However, this event is aimed to be a challenge for those who are level 80.

gw4gold fractals of mist

What is Mistlock Observatory?

Once you enter the portal, you will get Mistlock Observatory which is a safe haven created by Dessa within the Mists. You will start your first round of fractals there. And then you will face three randomly chosen destinations. After you completing all three of these fractals, you will be sent back to Mistlock Observatory to rest and regroup. What you should notice here is that you should face a big boss after you done a round of fractals. I think it’s a real challenge for you!

Another important thing you should notice in the Fractals of Mists is scaling dungeon. It means every time you revisit the hub, you will face the dungeons scale up in difficulty. It’s truly challenging for you. But, as you will face more challenging scales, you also will get more rewarding. 

What you may get from this new event – Fractals of Mist is that you will get more rewarding with greater challenges. Hope you will have a great experience with this Fractals of Mist. Don’t forget to get more GW2 gold from GW4gold!

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