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Buy Cheapest gw2 Gold on GW4gold & Enjoy Best Guide for Hammer Warrior

Thursday, December 6, 2012 10:52:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

What do you want to see in December update of Guild Wars 2? Every month players have a chance to get some new events for the game. Before you waiting and be ready for the new event for December, you should take a good preparation. Huge amounts of gw2 gold are no doubt necessary anytime. As farming gold in the game really needs much time, players may choose to buy Guild Wars 2 gold on sites. If so, you can buy cheapest gw2 gold on GW4gold and also get great guide from our site. Now, I would share some information about Hammer Warrior!

Focus on shouts skill for your warrior

If you pay attention to shouts in the game for your warrior, you will find that you could be more powerful. The healing trait Vigorous Shouts is a 3rd tier trait in the Tactics lines, so to heal via shouts requires 30 points in Tactics. The 2nd tier trait is a no-brainer: Lung Capacity for the decreased shout cool downs. For the 1st tier trait, I chose Empowered over Empowered Allies, as Empowered synergizes well with the multiple boons from shouts. 

For the third 3rd tier traits for Defense:

Defy Pain: activates Endure Pain at 25% health. This won’t be needed given the amount of healing and CC provided with this build

Spiked Armor: provides 5s of Retaliation when crit, with an internal cooldown of 15 seconds. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.Therefore, I decided not to invest in the 3rd tier traits for this spec and stop at 20 points.

Build Calculator and Gear

Amulet + Jewel: Cleric’s + Cleric’s: 923 healing, 644 power, 644 toughness

Runes: 6 x Rune of the Soldier: 165 vitality, 50 toughness shouts remove conditions


Hammer and Mace mainhand: Sigil of Superior Battle You gain 3 stacks of might for 20s when you swap to this weapon while in combat. This is a good choice, given that the boons last 26s with this build and synergize with Empowered

Mace offhand: Sigil of Superior Leeching Your next attack after swapping to this weapon while in combat steals some health. The steal amount is 975.

Gear Selection with 3 primary stats

In terms of gear, I want to focus on 3 primary stats – compassion (healing), toughness (mitigation), and power (direct damage) – and vitality (HP) as a secondary stat:Compassion and toughness synergize well: you take less direct damage, so self-healing is more meaningful. To put it another way, high healing coupled with low toughness does not synergize well, since even though you heal for a lot you quickly lose that HP when taking damageI don’t want this spec to be impotent in terms of damage, so while this is not a DPS spec, with some power stacked it can provide functional damage.

That’s the information that I want to share with all of you! And any needs for gw2 gold, please feel free to come to GW4gold!

The GW4gold Team

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