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Buy Guild Wars 2 and Enjoy Tips for Getting Gold Quickly with RNG

Thursday, January 3, 2013 1:02:37 AM America/Los_Angeles

A lot of people have been frustrated/unsatisfied with the way ArenaNet has implemented RNG into gw2 and, with their forum posts, seem to depict guild wars 2 where farming gold is ridiculously slow, boring, and tedious. It’s true that farming gold in Guild Wars 2 is rather hard than in other games. Today, I would like to introduce some tips for getting Guild Wars 2 gold in game including easy way for casual gamers to make gold, RNG, playing the TP and buy Guild Wars 2!

Easy way for casual gamers to make gold

Running CoF path 1 can take you an average of 10-14 minutes to finish. Here let’s see how much gold one run of path 1 can get you:

1. Slave Driver -- 14 silver (with omnomberry bar) + bag of wondrous goods

2. Acolyte/Saving Crea -- Chest + 10 silver + bag of wondrous goods

3. Opening the gate – Chest

4. Legendary Effigy -- 21 silver + Chest

5. Finishing the Dungeon -- 26 silver + 60 Dungeon Tokens

You can use the dungeon tokens to buy lvl 70 rares in LA for 30 tokens each and you can salvage those rares for ectos to sell as well. Assuming .9 Ectos per Rare, 2 x .9 x 26 silver (price of ecto) = 47 silver. 3 bags of wondrous goods you get 3 bags of coins and 9 dungeon tokens total. Since 30 tokens = a rare, 9/30 x .9 x 26 = 7 silver Average gold received from bag of coins is about 4 silver so 3 x 4 = 12 silver. Added all up: 14 + 10 + 21 + 26 + 12 + 7 + 47 – 3 (price of omnomberry bar) = 1.34 Gold. That’s to say that you get 1.34 Gold in 15 minutes!


People complain a lot about RNG because they seem to think that RNG is the main source of income generator. RNG should be viewed as a fun bonus to otherwise completely linear progressions. The 1.34 gold per dungeon run doesn’t even include RNG drops. How awesome would it be if you could get 1.34 gold in 15 minutes and have the possibility of a precursor/exotic/rare drop? Now, do you notice that you got much more gw2 gold?

Playing the TP

Playing the Trading Post isn’t some mindless thing. You have to have the insight and game knowledge to be able to predict price increases within certain items. Not only that, ANet has a 15 percent tax on returns (listing fee). So you not only have to predict price increases, but an increase that’s larger than 15 percent.

Gold buying

Despite all these tips, buying gw2 online is also an important part for Guild Wars 2 players. For most players, getting enjoyment from the game is the main goal. But farming gold in game is really not so easy, and so buying Guild Wars 2 is a good and efficient way to play the game. GW4gold has been one of the best sites with cheap Guild Wars 2 for sale. You can get the cheapest Guild Wars 2 whenever you need gold badly in game!

Whenever you need to buy Guild Wars 2 or get the latest information of game, GW4gold will be a good choice for you! For more information of cheap gw2 gold and other information about the game, welcome to get help from GW4gold!

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