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Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold Cheap, Experience New Thief PvP Build

Friday, May 24, 2013 12:13:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

Seckilling Thief build and Bleed Thief build have taken a significant role and have brought us a lot of fun in the world of thief. And today, we would love to share you another different set of Thief PvP build, wish you enjoy it in game! And if you are lack of in-game currency, you can pick up GW 2 cheap gold on gw4gold at the cheapest price!

Tips For Thief PvP Build In Guild Wars 2

Weapons: For weapons, choose Dagger + Dagger and Shortbow as alternative weapons. Both of the two combinations of weapons are the most appropriate in game, they can cause great damage to enemies.

Trait points: As for the distribution of the trait points, match it as 10/30/30/0/0. In this build, we are intend to reinforce the third line! The first line, use Deadly Arts for stealing damage, the second line, use Critical Strikes to trigger furry, improve critical strikes chance and damage to foes, and the third line Shadow Arts to easily take advantage of the thief’s invisible ability. You can remove conditions, return to invisible state and regenerate health when in stealth through it!

This build is to avoid the shortcoming of thief. This build is to avoid thief’s shortcoming as it’s not skilled at removing conditions. With this shortcoming, when encountering trap-stream Ranger or bleeding-stream Necromancer, thief will suffer conditions and unable to set counterattack to foes. This build will just avoid this, you can try it out in game, and don’t forget to buy guild wars 2 gold for maximized game enjoy!

Use Thief PvP Build In Game

Encounter Warrior: Warrior gets horrible damage, so be careful to avoid his powerful Hammer and Greatsword attack and keep a little far from him to keep your health. Get hurt with Shadowstep to avoid his dazing, and use No.5 skill of Pistol for counterattack when he hit.

Encounter Guardian: we know Guardian gets a shield with strong defense ability, so don’t try to attack him with steal skill at first. You should use No.5 skill of Pistol to break his shield, then intensify damage to him. As we can’t defeat him, so just try to escape and help your teammates out!

Encounter Mesmer: Mesmer is of high-explosive and light armor profession, so it’s better to try to reduce his health under a half initiatively, then try to control his Illusions with No.2 and No.4 skill of Shortbow. Now, try to trigger Dagger Storm for the attack. During this process, remember to avoid suffering Confusion, and when Mesmer wants to shatter his illusions with Shadowstep, try to escape as soon as possible!

Encounter Ranger: As Ranger is skillful at laying traps, so remote attack is great to defeat him! Suppress him with Shortbow at first, then switch to melee fight. During the period of hitting and running, Ranger can’t set trap. When fighting him, be especially careful when you encounter Three-Traps Stream Ranger!

The above are several main professions in game, wish you love and have fun with this build in game! To be more capable and perform better in combat, don’t hesitate to pick up cheapest Guild Wars 2 Gold for sale on gw4gold, all guild wars 2 gold here is manual, and sells at the cheapest price with 15 minutes fast delivery always guaranteed!

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