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Buy Guild Wars Gold and Find Analysis for Guild Wars 2 Economy

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 2:21:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

No matter in the game or in reality, economy always plays an important role. It’s a basic part in every field. Guild Wars has been a successful example in the game field and have won great support from players all over the world. To get wonderful experience in game, building an awesome character is necessary. Of course, great build for character do need amounts of Guild Wars 2 gold. Since Guild Wars gold means a lot to everybody, you should get a full concept of the economy in Guild Wars 2. Now, let’s see some analysis points for Guild Wars economy!

It is normal players who take control of the market.

As one of the players who saw ways to manipulate and profit from market you can get the number one problem to the guild wars economy is not exploiters (although they are clearly a problem), it's the market confusion from normal players. When markets are out of balance (goods from one market can be converted to another market at a profit). That means players can cycle wealth and create gold out of the trading post at an unlimited level. This is what has happened to Guild Wars 2, markets have been out of balance for four months. Those who see it will create hundreds of gw 2 gold, those who are not looking will become poorer over time, and eventually unable to compete in the unfair trading waters of the plutocracy.

The way to stop the trend of market runs by wealthy players.

The markets are already mostly run by wealthy players, and I think it's pretty obvious to most people by now. The only way to stop this trend from becoming worse and worse is to identify these markets and have the community actively work on balancing them. This is done by players seeing the profit and deciding to also engage in a market converting activity. As an EvE online trading veteran it is surprising to see that the Guild Wars 2 community has failed to fix these unbalanced markets since the game has launched. Maybe the reason is that the trading post tax being so high, it makes markets very confusing and the question of profitability always has to come into play, even when making steady normal profit. The other would be information suppression by those players currently making hundreds of gw2 gold off of these unbalanced markets.

Similar returns are possible on material upgrading.

Specifically major runes to superior runes and major sigils to superior sigils in the mystic forge. This market involves a lot more luck, but it’s like a slot machine that returns 130% back over the long run. Sure you lose a lot of the time, but if you put 100 gold in you can expect 130 gold out. There is still risk of not hitting any good runes in smaller sample sizes and losing money. Maintaining these markets requires knowing the average cost of the superior rune markets, and that takes a lot more time to watch and maintain. If there is enough community demand I can go into the numbers of this market to show the profit margins.

Getting this information can help you know the economy in Guild Wars 2 better. Hope you will get better understanding of the economy issue in game. No matter what case you are at, collecting much gw2 gold is helpful. For buying cheap gw2 gold, welcome to GW4gold!

The GW4gold Team

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