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Buy GW2 PayPal and Get Tips to Help You Play Guild Wars 2 Easier

Thursday, December 27, 2012 1:01:37 AM America/Los_Angeles

A question asked on Reddit is why am I so broke just catches my eyes. A player says that he played WoW before and he can get thousands of gold easily. But when he plays Guild Wars 2, he finds that he is depressingly broke as he feels it’s rather hard to farm gold. It’s true that farming gold in Guild Wars 2 is more difficult compared with other MMOs. You can choose to buy Guild Wars 2 gold online or farm gold in game. GW4gold is an excellent site with which you can buy gw2 paypal and also get tips for gold farming so that you can get away depressingly broken!

Tips to help you play the game easier:

1. Sell all blues and greens you find unless you can use them - salvage the whites if you want materials, otherwise sell.

2. Don't spend money leveling crafting until the later levels, otherwise you will be super broke all the time. It's much better when you're not constantly spending money, however little, on materials. For example, you should not bother seriously leveling crafting until 80 for Necro, and you can get enough materials just from questing, exploring, and salvaging to get one profession up to 375.

3. If you get something cool or unusual, right-click it and choose "Sell on Trading Post" to check what the prices are. If you won't be using a certain kind of crafting material do this with that, too. You can do this from anywhere.

4. Run dungeons when you are able, they are the best source of income I have found. Sell everything you get from them, regularly you can make 75s or more per run.

Although you can get help with these tips to play Guild Wars 2 easier, farming gold does need much time for players. You may need much gw2 gold to play a short-term event in the game. In this case, you can find a reliable site to buy gw2 gold. GW4gold is a place where players can find cheapest gw2 gold. When you buy gw2 gold on our site, you will enjoy a super fast delivery for your gold in only 10 minutes. The most important thing is that you will never get banned with buying gw2 gold on our site! What’s more, you can also get the chance to enjoy free gold from us! For instance, we have 1000 Gold giveaway for our facebook fans! And so, if you like our facebook now, you will get the chance to enjoy free gold!

Welcome to GW4gold to find more surprises! No matter helpful tips for the game or cheap gw2 gold with fast delivery, all you can get from our site easily! Enjoy a good time!

The GW4gold Team

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