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Cheapest GW2 Gold for Sale with Best Guild Bounty Guide

Monday, March 18, 2013 8:17:44 PM America/Los_Angeles

As we all know, we can expect to earn loads of great rewards by completing Guild Bounty in Guild Wars 2. There are three tiers of Guild Bounty, each increasing in difficulty and rewards. To help our customers get the best rewards, the reliable Guild Wars 2 gold site, GW4gold wants to share a Guild Bounty guide with all GW2 players. Besides, huge stock of cheapest GW 2 gold is on hot sale here 24/7 to support your Guildwars 2 adventure, come to join us now!

General Info about Guild Bounties

Guild bounties are sort of like a massive scavenger hunt for NPCs in various open world zones. The catch is that these NPCs are not stationary. Most of them path, some of them have pathing loop around the entire zone that takes as long as two hours to complete. Some NPCs are also disguised, increasing the challenge in finding them.

Once you have started a guild bounty, you are given a strict time limit to find either 2, 3, or 6 NPCs and kill them under a very short time limit. If you have a large search party people, this is very easy as you have the manpower to cover pretty much all the zones. However, for smaller groups, this can be incredibly challenging as sometimes you can spend most of that time limit just to find a single NPC.

GW2 Guild Bounty Tiers and Rewards

1. Guild Bounty Tier 1: 2 targets within 15 minutes, Reward 15 Guild Merits

2. Guild Bounty Tier 2: 4 targets within 15 minutes, Reward 20 Guild Merits

3. Guild Bounty Tier 3: 7 targets within 15 minutes, Reward 20 Guild Merits

Guild Bounty NPCs List

This is a list of Guild Bounty NPCs we have came up with in the last couple days. This covers most of the NPCs. All of the Guild Bounty NPCs have a gold star on their head and is at champion difficulty. They will be appear green to everyone and cannot be attacked unless the guild officer/leader with the guild bounty talks to them and activate the hostile option. They seem to respawn immediately after killed but currently their spawn location is unknown.

Bounty Target

Ander “Wildman” Westward

Bookworm Bwikki


Crusader Michiele

Curious Cow

Deputy Brooke

Devious Teesa

Diplomat Tarban

Half Baked Kamali

Peculiar Pig


Prisoner 1411

Shaman Arderus

Short-Fuse Felix

Sotzz the Scallywag

Tricksy Trekksa

Trillia Midwell

Weird Wind Rider


Southsun Cove

Lornar’s pass

Harathi Hinterlands

Sparkfly Fens

Blazeridge Steppes

Snowden Drifts

Frostgorge Sound

Brisban Wildlands

Mount Maelstrom

Blazeridge Steppes

Kessex Hills

Iron Marshes

Fireheart Rise

Diessa Plateau

Gendarran Fields

Blazeridge Steppes

Fields of Ruin

Blazeridge Steppes

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