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Cheapest GW2 Gold for Sale with Helpful Tips for Gold Generation

Sunday, February 17, 2013 11:31:04 PM America/Los_Angeles

For gold generation, this game is all about the 'min/max' department. There is an absolute maximum amount of money you can 'generate' per hour, obviously with roots in RNG but there is quite a bit of control in your grasp if you have the knowledge of it. Except farming gold in game with spending numbers of hours, you can come to GW4gold to find the cheapest gw2 gold for sale with fastest delivery! Now, let’s see some issues about gold generation in Guild Wars 2 for players!

Q: What level of rare will salvage into an ecto?

A: Level 60-70 can salvage into ecto, but 70-80 is where you want to be.

Q: How do I spend the tokens I gain from dungeons effectively?

A: For dungeons under ilvl70, you can purchase rare sigils/runes to forge into potentially expensive exotic sigils/rares. For dungeons over ilvl70, you can salvage the rare armor for ecto/T5-6 basic craftables.

Q: What is the specific DR for dungeons?

A: You can run each path of each dungeon once per day per character. You can only run 4 paths in 2 hours per account. You can only run a path once per hour.

Q: How do I minimize gold sinks for the above?

A: Death is by far the biggest unavoidable money sink in the game. Thus, building 100% damage is not always the best solution for fast dungeon running. If you die, you have to repair, and it takes you longer to complete the dungeon. Teleporting to lions arch is another big one, and you can easily avoid that fee by travelling through the mists. Food is the last one, always carry a stack of omnomberry bars and activate them as you kill the first boss of a particular path. It pays for itself right as you kill the boss.

Q: Where to buy cheapest gw2 gold safe and quick?

A: Farming gold in game is not an easy job for Guild Wars 2 players, and so buying Guild Wars 2 gold online is a good choice for many players! GW4gold has been a professional site for providing customers cheap gw2 gold online for a rather long time! When you come to GW4gold site, you will meet the cheapest gw2 gold compared with other stores! What’s more, as we promised, you will only need 10 minutes after you purchased gold and paid successfully from us!

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