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Concept in Guild Wars 2 – Teamwork and Flexibilit

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 2:34:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

It is approximately 200 years after events in the Guild War 1 that Guild Wars 2 takes place. In this period, the world hasn’t exactly improved yet. All the races have to face up with elder dragons that awaken and wreak havoc over the lands. In other aspects, it is time for so called heroes to make their reputation and fame.

In Guild War 2, there are five races and eight professions to be chosen. Each one has its advantage and disadvantage. In the recent few days, our site is going to give detailed introduction about those five races and eight professions for you to make a determination. After all, your choice will affect your orientation in the game.

Unlike other MMOs, Guild Wars 2 encourages players to work together. Generally speaking, most MMOs adhere to a feature that there is no monster tagging where the first person to attack monsters gets all the loot and experience for killing ti. In Guild Wars 2, players team up to defeat a monster and have the chance for items and get experience. What's more, as far as goals are concerned, Guild Wars 2 requires players to fulfill goals asked by NPCs by different means. Let’s take the goal "Bring me 10 wolf pelts" for an example. You have the alternative to finish the goal by defeating bandits, recovering supplies or simply tracking down her lost livestock.

In addition, when you are playing mini-quests, you might have to do with another larger area based quests. As a consequence, you have to gather over 5 people to finish a quest.

All in all, Guild Wars 2 stresses on teamwork. After Guild Wars 2 launches, choose your favourite class and start to make Guild Wars 2 gold. Bear in mind that you are not alone in the Guild Wars 2.

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