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Enjoy Cheap GW 2 Gold and Tips for Necro in PvE and Dungeons

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 1:57:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

There has been a lot of talk on various forums on Necros. Actually, there’re quite a few ways to approach the Necro, and it’s preference on how you want to go about it. What do you think of envisioning your Necro as a dark caster casting cripples and shows on foes while bleeding them dry from a distance laughing as the stumble towards you only to die at your feet? Of course, you can get this build with Guild Wars 2 gold in game. Today, GW4gold will not only provide you cheap gw 2 gold but also some helpful tips for Necro in PvE and Dungeons in game!

Scepter/Dagger and Staff are good choices for weapons

Scepter/Dagger is a great combo for stacking bleeds, applying group cripples, AoE blind while removing conditions from yourself, and then a good direct dmg ability that scales with conditions on mob. For sigils you can use Superior Sigil of Earth on scepter for a 60% chance to apply a bleed on crit, and then Superior Sigil of Agony for a 10% increase to bleed durations giving you that extra tick. You also want to go Rabid for these weapons as well, which you can get from CM/TA/HotW/Arah tokens. You can also buy Malefractym a exotic Dagger on TP you get from Mystic Forge by random dagger feeding, and Lidless Eye/Eye of Rodgort for your scepter which can be made in the mystic forge as well.

Staff is used to get a bit more AoE dmg, group condition removal, applying group chill, and a fear that can be slightly useful is some boss fights. You can use the Superior Sigil of Corruption for stacking some extra condition damage. You go rabid for this as well from said dungeons or Bramblethorne off TP which is another random feeding of staves into the mystic forge.

Rabid gear is suggested for your 6 gear slots and your Accessory slots

The gear for this build is rather expensive and time consuming because almost none of your gear can be crafted. And so, you must collect enough gw 2 gold in game for choosing gears. For your 6 gear slots you want Rabid gear. You can acquire this from a couple of places. CM/TA/HotW/Arah are the dungeons that provide this set. You can also get it from Priory gear, and you can get 4 of the 6 pieces from Orr Karma. You can also just buy Khilbron's set but it'll set you back about 30-40g. For runes I use Superior runes of the Undead which gives us Toughness, Condition dmg, and turns 5% of toughness into Condition Dmg.

For your Accessory slots you can go full Rabid as well. For full exotics you'll have to get a random recipe drop from certain dungeons. This makes it rather annoying and hard to get, they can be found on the TP but the prices are rather high from the small drop chance of the recipe itself. The amulet is the Colossus Fang. Its a recipe from AC. Accessory is Tortured Root which is a random recipe from TA. Ring is Plague a rare recipe drop from CM. Also you can do Fractal dailies 10 and 20 to try for the ascended rings which are Mellaggan's Whorl and Khilbron's Phylactery. For back piece you would get Tome of Rubicon which is a Ascended back piece you craft in the mystic forge.

Rare Veggie Pizza and Master Tuning crystals are two consumables suggested

Rare Veggie Pizza gives you 40% longer condition duration to help use stack bleeds and 70 condition dmg to add to your ticks. Master Tuning crystals are used to further utilize the toughness and turn it into a condition boost giving 6% of your toughness to condition dmg and 4% of your vit to condition dmg as well.

To complete the build, you do need numbers of gw2 gold. The stuff you need on TP is rather expensive as you noticed in game. Buying Guild Wars 2 gold can be really helpful for you here! And you will be able to meet the cheapest gw 2 gold on GW4gold site in any time! Welcome to GW4gold and have fun!

The GW4gold Team

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