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Enjoy Cheap GW2 Gold for Sale and Ideas for Latest GW2

Thursday, January 10, 2013 2:13:04 AM America/Los_Angeles

Do you like Guild Wars 2? Since Guild Wars has been popular all over the world, players are from different places. Although players are in different areas, you can find a common topic for the game when you are in game. To get better experience in game, you do get great gears and skills for your character. And all these can not get away from Guild Wars 2 gold. However, for most players, farming gold in Guild Wars seems rather difficult. So, you can buy gw2 gold online to continue your journey in game. GW4gold is very glad to provide you any help and here you will get the cheap gw2 gold for sale! Today, let’s see several ideas for latest gw2!

WvWvW, big blocky pointless zerg.

Get a small team and go grab camps and shit, you don’t need to go with the zerg, you can have special tactics squads and having your fun. In fact I would argue that wvwvw is infinitely more fun if you ignore the zerg. And you can also defend against overwhelming numbers if you know what you are doing.

Crafting takes gold.

No one is grinding or, everyone is doing fractals (or other dungeons). And even if you don’t play the most efficiently, you can probably earn around 1g per hour at level 80. You can max out a profession with like 2 gw2 gold or less. That's at least 10 levels, probably more with crafting boosters.

Leveling, very time sink heavy grind.

In what way gw2 leveling is grinded? It has linear level progression, you can hit max level in like 80 hours (around 1 hour per level) and i am not even talking about power leveling, I am talking about normal play. You can go from level 1 to 80 just through crafting ffs (if you have enough gold). You can go to any other capital/early game zone and play it. You can do that even if you are higher level than that and get drops for your level (most of the time). Literally everything gives you exp on gw2.

Combat, way too dodge based.

Ettins at no point should damage you. If you use a ranged attack, there's no reason why anything that's melee should damage you.

For getting better experience in gw2, please be sure that you have built an awesome character in game. For any need of Guild Wars 2 gold in building your character, please feel free to come to GW4gold to enjoy what you want!

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