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Enjoy Cheapest Guild Wars 2 for Sale and Tips for GW2 Dungeons

Friday, January 18, 2013 1:34:01 AM America/Los_Angeles

In a dungeon, there is absolutely no reason to not repair your armor if you die while your teammates are in the middle of a battle unless you are very far into the dungeon, and you sped past a lot of mobs you might not get past solo. To complete a task in Guild Wars can get you much successful feelings with an awesome character in game. Although it’s not easy to build a satisfied character as you need much Guild Wars 2 gold, you can get the cheapest Guild Wars 2 for sale on GW4gold to build an amazing hero in game. Playing dungeons has been a hot choice for many players, and so I would share some helpful tips with all friends here!

Finding a group to play dungeons

You can find groups by /map-ing in Lion's Arch or the map the dungeon is on saying like "LFG for [dungeon]". Be sure to put if you’re looking to do Story mode or Explorer mode for the dungeon in your LFG messages. You need at least one person in your party with story mode finished in order to access explorer mode for said dungeon (explorer mode gives you better items than story as well as dungeon tokens which can be exchanged for armor and weapons in LA). And you can do dungeons with players from different servers.

Tips for playing in dungeons

1. Make sure your armor and weapons are up-to-date (i.e. don't run a level 30 dungeon with level 15 armor), and also make sure your armor is at least rare or higher because the monsters do hit hard. This can be offset if you’re really good at dodging and avoiding attacks but to be safe, rare armor or better.

2. Don't go in with a glass cannon build. Try having some armor/accessories with tough and vit on them, maybe some heal. It will help you stay up. Remember, a dead glass cannon is no good to anyone. And don’t try to go in all MF gear, you'll be squishy and die too easy. You can use MF food and guild MF banner.

3. If you’re downed, try to rally on a monster that is almost dead or easy to kill. If someone else is downed, if at all possible and you don't have aggro, quickly get the person up. If you die, don't wait to be reseed (since it takes a long time to res) unless of course the monster is like at 5% hp or something, otherwise just use a dungeon waypoint and run back so the rest of the group doesn't have to try to res you while avoiding attacks.

4. Watch those AoE circles. Pay attention to what other, more experienced party members say and if you don't know what to do, just say that you don't and most groups will explain it to you(if they don't or they kick you because you don't know what to do, they are probably not worth your time anyways).

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