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Enjoy Cheapest Guild Wars 2 Gold and Best Build for Ranger

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 1:44:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

What do you think Ranger in Guild Wars 2? Do you think it’s a too common to get great experience with Ranger in game? In general, no matter in zerg or dungeon, players will feel that it seems there’s no importance for Ranger in game. Are you troubled with getting great build for Ranger? If so, what’s your problem? Is it lacking of Guild Wars 2 gold or just have no idea about a really great build? No matter what problem you have, you can find an answer here now! GW4gold will provide you the cheapest Guild Wars 2 gold as well as best build for Ranger in game!

As we know that the most important feature for a ranger in game is pet, now let’s see how to use pet to build a great ranger.


GW4gold cheapest gw2 gold and tips for ranger

As you see the picture, you can take IX to replace VI with Wilderess Survival if you don’t use 2 survival skills. Nature Magic, it is used to share the boons with your pets. Beastmastery, not only healing can be improved but all attribute of the pet.


GW4gold cheapest gw2 gold and tips for ranger pet

Here, you can use short bow and sword + warhorn, PTV attribute. The rune for short bow and sword can use sigil of superior water and you can choose sigil of superior Hydromancy as the rune for warhorn. These are some suggestions and you can find the better for yourself.


GW4gold cheapest gw2 gold and tips for ranger pet skills

Healing Spring is the best choice as you can helpful with curing your group member and also remove condition in game. Sick'em will change to Sharpening Stone when you fight with an uber boss and you can change to lightning reflexes when you need break stun. When you are not fighting in game, you can change signet of the wild to signet of the hunt to improve your moving speed. 


Peach pie and mango pie are all good choice for a ranger.

Just try to be an excellent ranger in Guild Wars 2! Whenever you need gw2 gold or other items, GW4gold will be your best choice! We will provide you the cheapest gw2 gold with most sincere service! Have fun!

The GW4gold Team

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