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Enjoy Cheapest GW 2 Gold for Sale and Get Best Necromancer Guide

Friday, January 11, 2013 12:51:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

What do you know about Guild Wars 2 Necromancer? For Guild Wars 2 players, a gw2 Necromancer is very useful in player versus player zones. With a Guild Wars 2 Necromancer, you can do many things in game especially when you level up all primary skills and weapons it use. Usually, they wear light armors, and also have some unique skills and feeds on life force. To build an expected Necromancer in game, just build him with best gears and weapons. For any need with Guild Wars 2 gold for buying items, please feel free to come to GW4gold to enjoy cheapest gw 2 gold for sale! Today, I would share an awesome guide for Necromancer!

Life Force and Death Shroud

When allies and foes perish near them they get the energy from the life force which they use to extend their own lives. When this class attacks and kills enemies it absorbs their life force to easily activate the Death Shroud ability. The closer that the enemies die the larger amount of life force is gained by Necromancers. This Death Shroud ability enables them to have exceptionally high health, have healing or life-stealing skills and fight in a ghostly form. So for instance, when their health is reduced to zero, they don’t enter the down state but instead activate the ability to access a number of special skills.

Unique Set of Special Skills

1. Wells

This skill enables him to take control of the area surrounding him and to affect the foes situated within the skill’s range.

2. Minions

The undead minions are called with the use of minion-summoning spell to fight enemies. When the minions are already summoned there is a secondary spell that can provide power to Necros and can destroy the minions.

3. Marks

These skills are spells which can produce a variety of potent effects to foes and allies.

Traits, Armor and Weapons

1. Trait

The five trait lines of this profession are the Curses, Spite, Blood Magic, Death Magic and Soul Reaping.

2. Armor

This class usually wears light armor which is very different from Guardian.

3. Weapons

This profession can use 2 weapon sets during a battle. The weapons include the main hand, off hand and two handed.

Hope you can get help with this guide and wish you build a successful Necromancer in Guild Wars 2! You can always come to GW4gold to get what you need such as Guild Wars 2 gold or some GW2 items! Have fun!

The GW4gold Team

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