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Enjoy Guild Wars 2 Gold for Sale Cheap and Tips for New Players

Thursday, February 28, 2013 12:05:47 AM America/Los_Angeles

Did you experience the Feb.26 updates content in Guild Wars 2? For most Guild Wars 2 players, this update of game is really a great news. Did you get any problems in playing the game? Is it lacking of Guild Wars 2 gold? Or is it lacking of tips as you are a new player here? Now, you would never need to worry about such problems as you can come to GW4gold to enjoy Guild Wars 2 gold for sale cheap and also get great tips for new players!

Cheap Guild Wars 2 gold for sale with fast delivery

Lacking Guild Wars 2 gold in game seems a popular problem for most players as farming gold in gw2 is rather difficult. So many players turn to online stores for help. If you are finding a store to buy cheap gw2 gold online, GW4gold would be highly recommended. Once you buy gw2 gold on GW4gold, you would realize that we provide customers the lowest price compared with other online stores. And also, after you paid the products successfully on our site, we would deliver it in only 10 minutes as we confirmed the order.

Tips for new players to run Guild Wars 2

1. Crafting will earn you levels, but it is not a money maker. Don't get into crafting because you think it is going to give you economical advantage, but do it if you want to help the leveling process. Be warned, it can be expensive.

2. Hearts are NOT the main attraction. Go there, but always do the dynamic events before hearts. The best way to level is to complete dynamic events.

3. Harvest everything. The gathering nodes are 'phased' so you don't compete with other players for them and you earn XP from harvesting. You can also make some money from it.

4. The other players are a good thing. In WoW, tagging mobs was a thing; that doesn't exist here. Rez other players when they are down and don't worry about fighting things they are already fighting; you both get full credit.

5. Glass canons are a big no in dungeons. In open world PvE, glass canon is fine, but if you want to go into a dungeon, you should have utility and survivability. There are no healers, so you are responsible for your own health.

6. On the inventory screen, there is a gear icon in the upper right. Click it and select Deposit Collectibles. They are now in your bank, from anywhere in the world.

7. Always be moving. This is not a game of standing still and fighting. You should be kiting and dodging.

Finding an excellent site for cheap Guild Wars 2 gold buying online and getting helpful guides or tips for the guide as well as the latest updates of the game, it’s no doubt that GW4gold will be a good choice for you!

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