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Find Cheap GW2 Gold for Sale and Enjoy New Spirit Watch PvP Map

Saturday, February 16, 2013 12:14:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

What do you think of Guild Wars 2 PvP mode? Have you enjoyed it already? For Guild Wars 2 players, even for all MMO players, PvP systems always be the great attracts for them! Of course, to win in PvP system is not an easy thing, especially in Guild Wars 2, while you can come to GW4gold for help! You can buy cheap gw2 gold for sale to equip your character with awesome weapons and rare items! Today, I have some new information about PvP map – Spirit Watch!

General information for Spirit Watch PvP map

In this new map, you will be able to see a combination of established conquest gameplay with intense capture-the-flag gameplay, except instead of a flag, you will battle over the glowing Orb of Ascension! With constant battles raging across bridges, valleys and cliff sides, you will meet opportunities for vertical plays abound in Spirit Watch. When you race to the center for control of the Orb, you will also get lots of brawling opportunities with this map.

How does it work?

As you will see that the Orb of Ascension spawns at an altar at the beginning of each match, you should complete a very short commune time to pick up the Orb! For the player who carrying the Orb will take it to any of the three capture points – shrines to Wolf, Raven and Bear. Carrying Orb, players also can get all of their skills but 40% movement speed penalty will be happened and also will be unable to stealth or gain swiftness. If you teleport or be downed in game, you will drop the Orb.

Orb in capture point

If you take the Orb of Ascension to a shrine capture point - the Spirit of the Wild at the shrine ascends, bonus points for your team will be available. Your team will score 30 points when it’s a capture point under control of your team, while your team can score 15 points if it’s not under your control. And if the Orb is taken to an enemy point, the capture point will become neutralized in addition to the bonus points. You may know here is that the Orb would reset to altar 10 seconds later!

Hope you can get help with this information! And any problems with playing PvP in Guild Wars 2, please feel free to come to GW4 gold to get help with cheap Guild Wars 2 gold for sale! Have fun!

The GW4gold Team

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