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Gain Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold, Post Vote in Cutthroat Politics!

Monday, July 22, 2013 2:16:29 AM America/Los_Angeles

We know Cutthroat Politics will bring another whirlwind in Guild Wars 2 in the next two weeks! As we can remember, in guild wars 1, players made a choice between Grenth and Dwayna during Wintersday with Grenth winning the majority at last, and now it’s just the same case, the candidates, Ellen Kiel and Evon Gnashblade are stepping forward waiting for you to vote for the final winner! Buy guild wars 2 gold on GW4gold, log into the game, vote for your favorite candidate!

Vote for the Final Winner in Cutthroat Politics

Cutthroat Politics is coming to Guild Wars 2 on July 23, players will need to choose the next member of the Captain's Council of Lion's Arch between Ellen Kiel and Evon Gnashblade. Your support token will determine the final winner and your vote will also affects the living story of the game, thus, this election has aroused a heated discussion among players! Which one to vote? Let’s hear what other players say.

Vote for Evon: Lots of players think it’s biased that Evon is described as a shabby character, yet on the other hand, Kiel is with all great things like pleasant virtue and lofty ideals. We can see these two characters get great differences, and still, lots of players approve Evon. They think gets the power to manage the commercial institution in Tyria, then he must be good at leading and managing. Comparing at this point, they think Kiel is just a very plain character as she missed the potential, and she might not get a position in the Council. In addition, Evon has more money, thus, he will have more effects on others, and will at last in the election.

Vote for Kiel: Other players decided to vote for Kiel as she is endowed with sweet offers such as waypoints. It’s obvious that waypoints cost is far more appealing than the Black Lion key reductions provided by Evon. Thus, lots of players think Kiel will finally win the election. What’s more, a majority of players are expecting Keil to win, bring back Aetherblade Dungeon for us to enjoy!

Remember your vote will affect the storyline of the game, so think and vote seriously! Once you need gold for game enjoy, cheapest gw2 gold is always offered on GW4gold!

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