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Get Cheap Guild Wars Gold and Best Necromancer PvE Build

Saturday, January 12, 2013 1:35:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

Do you want to get an awesome Necromancer in Guild Wars 2? Many players are very fan of using Necromancer in game as you can make easy work of mobs and level quickly. No matter for higher level for your Necro or great gears and weapons, you do need enough Guild Wars 2 gold. If you get any problem with farming enough gold in game, you can come to GW4gold to get cheap Guild Wars gold. Today, I would share a great Necro PvE build with all players!

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Leveling Build

Here’s a suggestion for adding points to your Necro’s trait:

1. Add 10 Points to Curses

2. Add 10 Points to Spite

3. Add Another 10 Points to Curses

4. Add Another 10 Points to Spite

5. Add 10 Points to Blood Magic

6. Add Another 10 Points to Curses

7. Add Another 10 Points to Spite

Spite Trait Tree

Within the Spite trait tree there are a few skills we’re going after Condition Duration, Reaper’s Might and Chill of Death. Why? Condition Duration is used to improve the effectiveness of any conditions that you inflict on enemies. Reaper’s Might makes it so that both Plague Blast and Life Blast provide your player with a temporary 15 second boost in might. Finally, Chill of Death produces Spinal Shivers against any enemy that is at 25% or lower health, making getting the kill easier. Equip Reaper to your Adept slot and Chill to your Master.

Curses Trait Tree

The Curses trait tree is where you will add a ton of power and lasting effects to your DoT attacks with the Necromancer. The skills you’ll want to unlock are Hemophilia, Master of Corruption and Lingering Curse. Why? Hemophilia causes all bleed-based attacks to last 20% longer. Master of Corruption makes any corruption based skill recharge 20% faster. Finally, Lingering Curse gives you the ability to make any DoT attacks from your Scepter last 33% longer than normal. Hemophilia will occupy your adept slot while Lingering Curse will be equipped to the grandmaster slot.

Blood Magic Trait Tree

The only reason we have this build assigning a menial amount of points to Blood Magic is to help increase your survival rating and also deal a little bit more damage through bleeds. To take advantage of this simply go after the skills Dagger Mastery (all dagger-based skills charge 20% faster) and Enfeebling Blood (casts bleeding and weakness against enemies in range lasting 10 seconds).

With these information for building Necromancer in Guild Wars, hope you can get a satisfied character! Any need for Guild Wars 2 gold with building your Necro, please feel free to get what you need in GW4gold! 

The GW4gold Team

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