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Get Cheap Guild Wars Gold and Enjoy GW2’s Future Contents for 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 1:09:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

2012 has been over with a great success for Guild Wars 2, and plays just are curious about what would happen with Guild Wars 2 in 2013. GW4gold would like to say great thanks for all customers for the support in past days and we are very proud to provide customers cheap Guild Wars gold on our site as well as helpful news for the game. In the GW2 Dev Livestream transcript for Jan 17, 2013, there’s discussion content for GW2’s future which is announced by GW2 official stuffs. Now, let’s see the detailed content for GW2’s development in 2013!

Long term focus for PVE and bringing life back to deserted zones

1. New achievement system that plays into dailies/monthlies that adds new style of gameplay.

2. New achievements to encourager cooperative play – i.e. rezzing, rallying) – things that will help players better at understanding the concepts of our game.

3. Allow players to filter back into some of the deserted zones (i.e. this month’s monthly achievement for jumping puzzles was used as an example).

4. New content with the guilds – 4-5 different styles of content that show up in the world that guilds can go in to help kick off and pull other players into it as well.

5. Adding tiers to guild economy/ear guild tabs, adding in new rewards for guild members to show off.

6. >100 new rewards tied to the achievement system to allow players to show off some of the cool stuff they have done.

7. Framework rolling out next couple months.

8. New Ascended items coming into play outside FOTM with the new achievement/reward system.

sPvP for Guild Wars 2

1. Working on custom arenas – need to make sure it is bug free, we are polishing them atm.

2. Working on leader boards – see your progress against other people.

3. New player experience for PvP – better matchmaking system – play with players of your skill level.

4. Working on new 1 team vs 1 team version of our tournament system, will be paid tournament (but reduced the cost and reduced rewards). Winners stay in, losers kicked out to the lobby. (Current tournament system requires 8 teams for a single tournament with 3 rounds so it is hard to get tournaments started at the moment).

5. This new tournament version will be on Temple of Silent Storm map (this map has a lot of tournament potential).

6. Adding more PvP specific armor skins – i.e. skins that are available in PvE but not in PvP.

7. Blog post coming up to talk more.

WvW in Guild Wars 2

1. Looking into progression in WvW to give you some kind of character development and rewards.

2. Goal is to progression/rewards. Encourages more players to do WvW.

3. Recently tested culling – we are doing great things with culling – running a lot of different tests/tweaks.

4. Our WvW programmer talks about more on the official GW2 forums.

5. Adding more PvP specific armor skins – i.e. skins that are available in PvE but not in PvP.

It seems that the content in 2013 is really cool and we can believe that Guild Wars 2 will get players more enjoyment! For more information about gw2 and cheap gw2 gold, welcome to find it on! 

The GW4gold Team

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