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Get Cheapest GW2 Gold on GW4gold & Enjoy New PvP Map for November

Friday, November 16, 2012 1:11:24 AM America/Los_Angeles

It seems that there are many updating news for November. Have you got all the information for these changes in November update news? If you have some shopping experience on GW4gold, you can notice that not only cheapest GW2 gold you will get from us, but also update news for the game you can also get form us. We always provide customers the latest information of the game just as well as any new promotions on our site. And so you can get all new information of the game as you buy Guild Wars 2 gold from our site. Here, I will introduce the latest news of the new PvP map for November.

New PvP Map – Temple of the Silent Storm

You will meet a new PvP map – Temple of the Silent Storm with this week’s patch. It’s a new map which has some of the vertical play normally seen in shooters. This map is mainly for different buffs. And these buffs have different effects on the game:

Meditation on Ferocity: You will get extra 3 bonuses when anyone on your team gets a kill in the game. What’s more, these can stack, and so it means if you have both buffs, your team will get 11 points for one kill. 

Meditation on Stillness: Cap points give you 2 points per pulse instead of 1.

Meditation on Tranquility: You can reset cap points and give them to your team. You can see this meditation only after the game runs for a while and it will appears once in one team. 


GW4 gold new PvP map

Daily and Monthly Achievements

Here is the information for daily and monthly structured PvP achievements with this patch.

Daily Achievements: Caps: 3, Kills: 5, Matches: 3, Top Stat: 1. Rewards: 1x Glory Boost, 1x Tourney Ticket.

Monthly Achievements: Kill Variety: 8 unique professions killed; Rank points earned, organized in four levels: 200, 400, 800, 100; Tournament wins: 3; Monthly matches won: 10. Rewards: 5x Glory boosts; 5x Salvage Kits; 10 x Tourney tickets.

More Stats You Can Access

The PvP hero panel now has more stats! You can access these stats by pressing the crossed swords icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Structure for Paid Tournaments

The structure of paid tournaments has changed and the rewards will break down like this:

1st place – 1 Gold Tournament chest, 500 glory, 500 rank points, 120 Gems, 5 Qualifying Points

2nd place – 1 Silver Tournament chest, 400 glory, 400 rank points, 80 Gems, 3 Qualifying Points

3rd place – 1 Silver Tournament chest, 300 glory, 300 rank points, 20 Gems, 1 Qualifying Points

4th place – 1 Silver Tournament chest, 300 glory, 300 rank points, 20 Gems, 1 Qualifying Points

5th place – 1 Copper Tournament chest

6th place – 1 Copper Tournament chest

7th place – 1 Copper Tournament chest

8th place – 1 Copper Tournament chest

5-on-5 is Available

PvP browser hot-join maps are reorganized and so players can choose 5-on-5 as well as 8-on-8 in the game. It gives players options to choose what they want.

Want to know more about this, the best way is just experience this in the game. Always welcome to GW4gold to buy cheap GW2 gold! Have fun!

The GW4gold Team

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