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Get Free Guild Wars 2 Gold and Check Misconception for Level 80 Gears

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 2:52:57 AM America/Los_Angeles

Dear Guild Wars 2 player, are you just finding a place to get free Guild Wars 2 gold? If so, just come to GW4gold! We have a promotion with totally free 1000 Gold giveaway for our facebook fans! You can get free Guild Wars 2 gold from us just with being our facebook fans! There seems to be a common misconception floating around about all level 80 gear having equal stat values, regardless of rarity. Now, I would discuss about this issue with all Guild Wars 2 players!

Where can we get the assumption?

First, in the original Guild Wars, all items of all rarities had equal stat values at max level. For example, all swords were 15-22 damage, whether they were white, blue, green or gold. Second, we have been told that there is no gear grind, and everyone will be on an equal footing at level 80 in Guild Wars 2. People who are saying you can't compare the two weapons provided are wrong. If you have a look at ANY weapon for any given level, it will provide stats. To simplify everything, we will talk about level 80 items only. At level 80, all gear provides 3 stats.

Why does gear provide stats in PvE?

PvP gear has stats, but not every bit of gear has it, in fact only two do. The amulet and the jewel go in it. Guild Wars 2 items do mean a lot for all players. Have you ever wondered why AN made amulets so powerful? It's obvious with a bit of thought. Amulets are there to replace stats on the rest of your gear. It would be a pain to have 6 gear slots, 5 trinket slots, a back pack slot AND weapon slots all with stats - especially if you want to change your build. Most people know roughly what they want, whether it is power, precision etc.

How can we compare two items if they have different stats?

Don’t look how the stats are distributed (in terms of power, precision etc) but look at the numbers. Comparing 128/128/179 (on the Exotic) with 113/113/158 (on the Rare), you will find that each stat is approximately 13% higher on the exotic than the rare. There will be different exotic GS where some may have power/ precision/ condition damage, some will have power/ vitality/ toughness but most exotics at level 80 will be distributed in a 128/128/179 manner. Gear has stats because its basically redistributing Amulets stats in PvP. Exotics have approximately 13% better stats than rares at level 80. The stat allocation amounts are fixed for the most part.

With these explanations for the misconception of level 80 gears, you will find that you can enjoy your Guild Wars 2! For cheap gw2 gold or more information of the game, please keep an eye on our site and our facebook! Merry Christmas!

The GW4gold Team

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