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Guide for Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Bell Choir You Should Check

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 9:14:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

GW4gold Guild Wars 2 bell choirSince Guild Wars 2 Wintersday event has been available for players now, finding the best way to play these small tasks in the event. All small games are great choices for players with which you will be able to meet some new things. Bell Choir is an interesting game for all players. If you want to enjoy this part better in the Wintersday event, you should get detailed information about this small game. Here I would show a rather detailed overview of this game! 

How to play Bell Choir?

When enter the Bell Choir, you should speak to Bell Maestro in Lions Arch at first. And then you are put into groups of 3 players and can choose a part (upper, lower, middle) that you like to play per group. When the Bell Choirs begins, you will get 6 songs which will begin with easy ones and end with harder ones. You should play right notes and if you hit too many wrong notes, you will lose your health points. And when your health gets 0, you will be kicked out until the next song starts. 

You will be responsible for a section of 8 differently colored lanes, the left 4 corresponding to your 1-4 keys and the right 4 corresponding to your 6-9 keys. It is best to position your hands on the keyboard such that your left hand covers 1-4 and your right hand covers 6-9.  If you hit the note too soon you'll miss and lose health. If you hit too late, it won't count and you'll still lose health. 

How many Wintersday gifts you could get depends on your score. You will be able to get only 1 gift with poor scores and you can get up to 4 gifts with great scores. 


There are two easily obtained achievements associated with Bell Choir.

1. Ring in the Season – Play 500 correct notes in Bell Choir Ensemble – 10 points.

2. Become the Bells – Complete 10 songs in Bell Choir Ensemble – 10 points.


1. According to how well you played in the game, you can get 1-4 Personalized Wintersday Gifts. These rewards will be given after the end of the sixth round and before the free play round.

2. These gifts contain ugly socks, sweaters, etc and sometimes Flawless Snowflakes.

Just enjoy Guild Wars 2 WIntersday now! Get great gifts in every game! If you need to buy gw2 gold, please feel free to come to GW4gold to get the cheapest gw2 gold! Have fun!

The GW4gold Team

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