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Guide of Blood and Madness' Achievement

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 12:58:20 AM America/Los_Angeles

Blood and Madness had released yesterday, have you ever tried it? If you need a safest site to buy guild wars gold, we will be your best choice. Meanwhile, if you need a guide to achieve the Blood and Madness, you are in the right place.


Head to Nolani Academy in the Black Citadel and speak to the NPC who will let you into the dungeon. As a linear path, simply follow it to its end. Once you meet Bloody Prince Thorn, simply follow Tassi's instructions until you're able to send him running by throwing Candy Corn at him. At the end of the instance, you should get a Tassi's Relay Golem from Tassi. Also, you should get both tiers of Containment achievement inside this instance.


Head to the Mad King's Labyrinth and head to one of the doors from Queensdale, Kessex Hills, or Gendarran Fieldsand look for either Mad King Doors or Bloody Prince doors on your map. Not all of the doors will work – closed doors will spawn events instead so only look for open doors. It will tend to spawn a Labyrinth Horror that you and many others have to kill.

Candy Corn Crusher

Similarly to Bonebreaker, head to the Mad King's Labyrinth and defeat the giant high viscount of Candy Corn. Be aware that he fires massive-damage dealing area of effective projectiles that will kill you in one. Just stay back and kill him from a distance.

Shut the doors

You can do this either inside Mad King's Labyrinth or at Queensdale, Kessex Hills, and Gendarran Fields. You'll need to close a total of 50 doors to head once again into the Mad King's Labyrinth and follow the nearest commander.

Something Good to Eat

Whether you buy the Trick or Treat bags from the Trading Post or grind them from enemies, just eat 50 and you've completed the achievement.

A Stomping Good Time

Equip a Mad King finisher and kill 20 players. You need to finish them off yourself for this achievement to be completed.

Daily Achievements

1. Shut and Locked: You need to complete 5 door events to complete the achievement.
2. The Mad Inquisition: You need to finish a game of Inquisition.

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