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Guide to Gain T6 materials in Guild Wars 2! Prepare Cheap GW2 Gold!

Friday, July 19, 2013 4:07:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

We know in Guild Wars 2, if you want to create well-designed equipments and weapons, you need a huge amount of materials, to get the materials you want is especially not that simple, and price of materials is quite expensive in the trading posts, especially T6 materials. Thus, lots of players have trouble in farming T16 materials in game. Today, we would love to share the brief tips about how to get T6 materials in Guild Wars 2, if you just need the materials, get your guild wars 2 gold ready to follow us and explore!

Guide to Gain T6 Materials in Guild Wars 2!

1. Places to Find and Collect T6 Materials.
Vicious Fangs: Forstgorge Sound
Ancient Bone: Forstgorge Sound, Cursed Shore
Vials of Powerful Blood: Frostgorge Sound, Southsun Cove, Karka Shell
Elaborate Totems: Malchor’s Leap
Vicious Claws: Forstgorge Sound
Powerful Venom Sacs

2. Tips to Farm More Quickly.
As we know professions move slowly when strafing, backpedaling or in combat, if you need to increase your speed, you will need speed buffs like Signet of Hunt, Signet of Shadow and Rampage. Get swiftness, you character will move 33% faster. Also, you should use some AOE damage skills, and some skills like Any Ele, dagger storm, whiring axe will create a great effect in a specific proximity. Get cheap GW2 gold on GW4gold, simply jump into the game to try things out!

3. Higher Magic Find for More Drops of Materials.
Since our purpose here is to get more T6 materials and drops, Magic Find affects loots dropped by enemies, thus, we have to get Magic Find in order to enhance our opportunity to receive high-quality loots of T6 materials. Try Spicy Pumpkin Cookie, +30% MF. 70 Con-Dmg. 15%Exp.

4. Choose Solo or Group?
As for this question, it depends. If you are able to deal with all kinds of monsters and get abundant drops and loots easily, then you can just choose to play solo. Yet, on the other hand, if you have no ideas about how and where to find T6 mats, the joining the guilds is a better idea, and there are some great guilds base on looking for materials. Just join one and farm much faster!

Try to collect T6 materials much easily and faster in game, whenever you find it get trouble with game gold, come to store cheapest guild wars 2 gold for sale on GW4gold! We offer 24 hours service supply, once your payment is finished, we are able to send the order in 15 minutes!

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