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Guild War 2 Cheap Gold for Sale with Guild Wars 2 Sigils Analysis

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 11:32:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

In Guild Wars 2, a Sigil is an upgrade component for weapons, using the same upgrade slot that can also be filled with a jewel or a crest. Sigils can be crafted by artificers, huntsmen, or weaponsmiths. In this article, GW4gold will tell you how to pick out the best sigils to your weapons by spending the least Guild Wars gold. Besides, we have huge stock of Guild Wars 2 cheap gold for sale now, if you need some GW2 gold to exchange powerful weapons for your character, welcome to place an order at our site.

1. Sigil of Frailty

When you cause critical hit damage to your enemies, there is 30% chance to cause 1% more vulnerability. This sigil is good for a whole team. Under high critical hit damage chance, it will appear up to three stacks boons. It fits for those high critical hit damage chance armors and weapons.

2. Sigil of Strength

When under critical hit damage, there is 30% chance to add one stack of Might for 10 seconds. It needs to rechage for 2 seconds. This one stack of Might can add 35 Force and 35 Condition Damage each. Under normal circunstance, it can accumulate to four stacks about. If you can cause attack quickly, maybe you can accumulate more stacks of Might. As far as concerned, it is a sigil that fits for short-bow Ranger.

3. Sigil of Rage

When you out put critical hit damage to others, it is possibility for you to gain 3 seconds Quickness with 10% chance. It needs to recharge for 45 seconds. Quickness is good at speeding up the speed you setting off your skills. This is an invincible skill, while it only lasts for 3 seconds, and need to rechage for a long time. If you could grasp the opporunity to trigger it at the right time, maybe you will be powerful in PvP battlefield.

4. Sigil of Intelligence

Switch the weapons, and you must be cause Critical Hit Damage in the next time. It needs to recharge for 9 seconds. This sigil is suitable to those professions who are skilled at switch weapons and with single skill and heacy damage, such as Thief, Warrior.

5. Sigil of Battle

Switch weapons, you can gain 3 stacks of Might for 20 seconds. Its cooldown time is 9 seconds. This sigil is nearly tailored for Engineer. Because when Engineer switches the package, he will trigger this effect. Furthermore, it can accumulate for 6 stacks altogether, equal to add 210 points to Force and 210 points to Condition Damage. It is especially good for Pistol-Bleeding Stream Engineer.

Hope you enjoyed our analysis for Guild Wars 2 sigils and select a right sigils for your character according to your weapons, which is really very important for our game playing. Also, if you need some Guild Wars 2 cheap gold during your adventure, just come to GW4gold and place an order on our site.

The GW4gold Team

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