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Guild Wars 2 Guide for Best Ways to Farm Thousands of Karma Quickly

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 10:05:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

In Guild Wars 2, not only Guild Wars 2 gold is necessary as you can use it to buy awesome items and weapons for your character, but also Karma is also important for legendary weapons. It is known that Legendary weapons require over 500,000 Karma or Tier 3 weapons around 50,000 Karma. When you need Guild Wars 2 gold, you can come to GW4 gold to get cheapest gw2 gold as always. But getting much Karma in game is rather a tough task for most players! Thankfully you can still get thousands of Karma with getting best farming places!

Running Dungeons

Choosing a dungeon that is quick and easy is a good way to maximize Karma. Each "mini" boss in a dungeon will provide a Bag of Wondrous Goods which contains a Drop of Liquid Karma (+400) with a total of 3 Drop’s per dungeons path. In addition, on completion of each dungeon path and if you’re level 80, you’ll receive 1,800 additional Karma. This yields a potential total of 3,900 Karma per path. I sincerely recommend, if you want to farm Karma using dungeons, that you choose Ascalon Catacombs. Not only is it incredibly quick (as little as 15 minutes per path with the right group) but will also earn you a little bit of money on the side.

Joining World versus World

Some people swear by World versus World as a means of earning Karma, and while it can yield Karma in big numbers, especially when you take Keeps and Outposts, in reality it’s incredibly in efficient. There is a lot of downtime, travel and failure in WvW meaning you’ll use a large amount of Karma Modifiers, gaining little in return for your time. If I’m sick of running dungeons or Cursed Shore events, it never hurts to mix it up just don’t rely on WvW to get you hundreds of thousands of Karma in a hurry.

Farm on Cursed Shore

As the western shore of Orr, Cursed Shore is a bustling hive of player activity and provides ripe opportunities for farming Karma. Habitually, players will link in map chat Waypoints where events are taking place. All you then need to do is go and take part. It can cost you a little bit of money Waypointing up and down the coastline (1s per time) but you should break even. It’s incredibly easy to arrive in an event, tag the enemy or monsters and leave when the event is 75% complete. When you do this, 99% of the time you’ll receive a gold contribution award and the full Karma amount. Repeating this cycling of tagging to 75% and moving on to another allows you to stack multiple Karma gain events very quickly.

Never worrying about how to get enough Karma for legendary weapons for your character now, just follow steps above and you will find that farming Karma is also an easy job. Besides, if you need any Guild Wars 2 gold, welcome to GW4gold site!

The GW4gold Team

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