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Guild Wars 2 Guide for What You Can Use to Efficient Karma Farming

Monday, February 25, 2013 1:35:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

Karma is an important item for players in Guild Wars 2 just like Guild Wars 2 gold is a necessary item in game. You would need enough Karma for exchange legendary weapon and usually the amounts of Karma you need is really huge. Lacking of Guild Was 2 gold, you can buy cheapest gw2 gold on GW4gold. While finding ways to farm numbers of Karma, GW4gold also can provide you help! Now, let’s see what you can use to farm Karma efficiently ingame!

Using Liquid Karma

For using liquid Karma (also known as Karma items), your Karma would get an instant boost according to which item type you used. Here are details of amount of Karma you will get with different Liquid Karma. When farming Karma in game, it is suggested that you should notice Drop of Liquid Karma and Jug of Liquid Karma.

GW4gold Guild Wars 2 guide for karma farming

Take use of Karma Modifiers

Karma Modifiers are an item that adjust the amount of Karma you receive from events or Karma items. If you’re to truly maximize your Karma gain, you will need several of them running at once.

1. Karma booster

Providing 50% extra Karma for 1 hour, it’s incredibly useful. Unfortunately it is only available from the Gem Store or randomly from Black Lion Chests. Luckily they cost as little as 75 Gems, so you won’t have to convert too much money to obtain them. The shrewdest use of Karma Boosters is save all your items which provide you with Karma (Liquid Karma) use the Booster and then consume the items.

2. Politics Tier 1 Upgrade

A guild upgrade, purchased by spending your Guilds influence (50) When used, the Banner will appear in front of you as an interactable object and lasts for one hour. It provides 5% extra Karma gain.

3. Economy Tier 4 Upgrade

Another guild upgrade, purchased by spending your Guilds influence (500). When used, the upgrade provides 15% extra Karma for 24 hours.

4. Ice Cream

This is the only consumable food that provides 5% extra Karma for 30 minutes. All of the Ice Cream foods provide the 5% bonus, so you should always purchase the cheapest from the Trading Post. You can find all the Ice Creams here.

5. Karmic Infusion

An extravagance many people will never reach is an Ascended backpiece with Karmic Infusion. Purchased for 10 Laurels, the Infusion provides 15% extra Karma permanently. If you can afford it, it’s well worth having.

Have you found any awesome methods for farming numbers of Karma in Guild Wars 2? If you still have no ideas with getting lots of Karma quickly, I think you would get some ideas from tips above! Any problems with getting Guild Wars 2 gold, GW4gold welcomes your visit as always!

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