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Guild Wars 2 Player Reaches Level Cap - Level 80 - Within 32 Hours

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 8:35:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

Yesterday Guild Wars 2 was officially live for every player to farm Guild Wars 2 gold, fight against evil dragons and even enjoy the beautiful sightseeing. Every one is busy learning the basic lores of Guild Wars 2, the basic systems of Guild Wars 2 and the basic skills of each professions. Every one is no doubt pursuing faster leveling and more GW2 gold. And usually when a new game launches, some one will determine to make something stirring such as becoming the first person to reach the level cap or the first person to kill the final boss. Perhaps you are wondering two questions: Who on earth will be the first player to reach the level cap - 80? Who on earth will be the first player to kill the final boss?

It is a French gamer Surfeuze who spent 32 hours to hit level 80 in Guild Wars 2.


level 80

Let's see how he levels so fast.

1. Play Elementalist.

2. Spend 32 hours.

3. Assisted by his partners of the French guild War Legend.

4. Play normal PvE content to level 60, and then leveled from 60 to 80 through crafting.

5. Crafting materials donated by his team.

Congratulations to Surfeuze, anyway! And I hope every one is going to find their own way to be stronger with Guild Wars 2 buy gold.

But not all the people are praising Surfeuze of his work. When we date back to the case of Surfeuze, Mike O'Brien, president of developer ArenaNet shows his suspicious attitude toward the achievement of Surfeuze. He thought the level 80 was not through normal leveling. He claimed to have these issues fixed. But later he offered apology to Surfeuze about his previous comment that cast doubt on his accomplishment. He congratulated to Surfeuze in the end. From this case, we can see that if we can find legal shortcut our success will finally be identified.

Here I will quote the original words by Mike O'Brien.

" Level 80 is always something to celebrate, but be aware that this was not through normal leveling. A few users have made us aware of unusual ways to level very fast. We're fixing these issues as I type."
"I'd like to apologize for writing an earlier comment that cast doubt on his accomplishment. At the same time Surfeuze was racing to level 80, we wer tracking and talking with other players who were racing toward 80 as well, using a technique that really should not be that lucrative and that we're making changes to fix. We believed one of those players would be first to 80., and when Surfeuze posted of his accomplishment, I mistakenly thought he was a player who had used that technique.

In fact he wasn't. Surfeuze played normal PvE content to level 60, although obviously racing past everything he could, and then leveled from 60 to 80 through crafting. His secret weapon was his strong team supplying him with crafting materials. That allowed him to jump ahead of everyone else in those last 20 levels. So congratulations to Surfeuze, legitimately the first player to reach level 80."

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The GW4gold Team

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