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GW2 Leaderboards Arrive, Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold To Check

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 1:55:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

ArenaNet has launched a set of leaderboards for Guild Wars 2. The leaderboards contains three categories, PvP, WvW, and Achievements. This initial set gets top 100 players in each region. Buy cheapest guild war 2 gold from gw4gold to experience GW2 Leaderboards in game and get a general view of the Leaderboards through our news!

Leaderboards is a place where players are able to see the game as whole with many other players and better understand their own part in it. It covers PvP, WvW, and Achievements in the game and gets the first 100 players in each region have been listed, and the developer plans to increase the number and add more ways for players to parse the data.

Player vs. Player

The PvP leaderboard is ordered by PvP rating. The PvP data is all based on single-round tournament play, so three-round tournaments and public matches that players enter via the in-game match browser will not count. To minimize the fluctuation of the leaderboard, players are required to join 10 matches before they can appear on the leaderboard. The leaderboard will be updated server times a day.
Breakdown Of The Different Metrics:
• Rank– Current position in standings based on PvP rating.
• Wins– Total ranked PvP match wins.
• Losses– Total ranked PvP match losses.
• Win Percentage– Percentage of ranked PvP match wins out of total ranked PvP matches played.
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World vs. World

The WvW leaderboard shows every world in the game, and it is ordered by WvW rating. This leaderboard will be updated once a week to show the results of the matchups in the game.
The metrics for WvW are pretty standard:
Rank– Current position in standings based on world’s rating.
Rating– World rating based on the implementation of the Glicko-2 algorithm.
Deviation– Degree of certainty for the current rating. Higher number means more confidence in the rating.
Volatility– Degree of expected fluctuation in rating. Lower numbers indicate stable ratings, while higher indicate erratic behavior.


The overall progression is measured by total achievement score. This leaderboard will be updated fairly often to invoke some friendly competition among players.

ArenaNet plans to expand the leaderboards and means to add more ways for players to parse the data in the future! Want to have some challenge in the leaderboards to make your name displayed or forward, simply buy cheapest Guild Wars2 gold from gw4gold to game and try! All GW2 gold on gw4gold is hand-worked, it’s totally safe and legit to be used in game. Plus our GW2 gold enjoys the cheapest price and professional customer support for 24 hours! What’s most important, we get efficient 15 minutes fast delivery for you to receive the gold immediately in order to start game at once!

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