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GW4gold Tells You How to Craft Legendary Weapon in Guild Wars 2

Monday, October 8, 2012 12:36:55 AM America/Los_Angeles

Every GW 2 player want to get an epic legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2 for its unique appearances and great value. Legendary weapon is super-rare items that can be forged from other rare items at the Mystic Forge in the middle of Lion’s Arch. They are always the most powerful but the hardest to find weapon ever to be seen in Guild Wars 2. That's why GW4gold wants to tell you some great strategies to help you get some epic weapons for your characters and become the most powerful king in the world of Tyria. Of course, you can also buy Guild Wars 2 gold or any Guild Wars2 items you need from our store.

5 Steps to Craft Your Own Legendary Weapon in Guild Wars 2:

Step 1: Mystic Forge Gifts

Gift of Magic = t6 fang (250) + t6 scale (250) + T6 claw (250) + T6 bone (250)

Gift of Might = T6 Blood (250) + t6 Venom (250) + T6 totem (250) + T6 dust (250)

Obsidian Shard (10) + Glob of Ectoplasm (10) + Crystal (10) + Mystic Coin (10) = 20-50 Random t6 Fine mats or Mystic Clovers

Step 2: Crafted Gifts

Crafted Gift 1 = Gift of metal/wood/energy

Crafted Gift 2 = Gift of (uses Dungeon tokens)

Step 3: WvW and Exploration Gifts

Gift of Battle = 500 Badges of honor

Gift of Exploration = 100% Map completion

Step 4: Component Creation

Bloodstone shard + Gift of Exploration + Obsidian Shard (250) + Gift of Battle = (Component 1)

Crafted Gift 1 + Crafted Gift 2 + Icy Runestone (100) + Superior Sigil of X = (Component 2)

Glob of Ectoplasm+ Mystic Clover+ Gift of Magic + Gift of Might = (Component 3)

Step 5: Your legendary

Base Exotic + Component 1 + Component 2 + Component 3 = Legendary

This is all about our legendary weapon crafting guide. We hope you find this useful and if you want to get even more, sign up to the GW4gold Newsletter and get more great tips like these direct to your inbox every week! Besides, you can get free $1 and 5% discount code just by signing up for our newsletter. The coupons can be used to buy more cheap Guild Wars 2 items from our site. So why not have a try?

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