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How to Make Gold in Guild Wars 2 Fast and Effective?

Monday, September 10, 2012 12:02:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

Every Guild Wars 2 player wants to know how to make lots of GW 2 gold because it's the key to enjoying the game to its best level. With enough Guild Wars gold, you can buy powerful gear and other items for your game character and enjoy your exploration in the world of Tyria. How are you supposed to afford the items you have always wanted like being decked out in the best gear if you do not have enough GW gold? In this article, we will teach you how to make plenty of Guild Wars 2 gold in a fast and effective manner. With a few simple methods, you can go from rags to riches without much difficulty.

1. Gathering

One of the easiest methods of making a decent amount of money in a short amount of time is by gathering. Gathering is so effective in Guild Wars2 because players need crafting materials in large quantities. First be sure to pick up Gathering Tools from a merchant at the start of the game. Merchants are identified on the map as the ones with coins over their head. Along with merchants, master craftsmen carry gathering tools and salvage kits. You only have enough gold for 2 gathering tools so we suggest the mining axe and wood chopper. Gather everything you can!

2. Trading Post

Use the Trading Post! We can not stress this enough. Try not to just sell back to the merchant, you will profit much more from the Trading Post and also help the game economy. Also place orders frequently. Use basic economics to profit: buy low and sell high. Someone is always looking to dump some items that you can quickly turn in for a profit by managing the market price. Be patient when using the Trading Post. It will take some time to research and get a good feel for what an item is really worth.

3. Crafting

Crafting is good in that you gain XP and some crafted items sell very well. Just make sure you do some research at the Trading Post to see how much the mats you are gathering are selling for. Sometimes mats will be more than the items you create. But sometimes the items are more valuable. Items such as 8 slot bags and Garnet Pebble (+3 Power to an item with an unused upgrade slot) as a jeweler will be in high demand thus very profitable.

4. Map Completion

Map completion is a big part of Guild Wars 2 and if you focus on doing this you will level naturally. But not only are you gaining XP doing this, you will also receive nice coin, karma and gear for finishing your starting map.

5. Mining

One of the most profitable areas to go with here is mining. Most professions uses metal or some sort and most legendary weapons also require Orichulcum Ore, so metal is the most in-demand of all the types of resources. Additionally, cloth, which is found typically as a drop from enemies, has a lot of value as well. Be sure to always sell your crafting materials on the auction house rather than to the vendor.

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