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Human – Fight for Homes, Gods, Queen

Saturday, May 5, 2012 2:53:41 AM America/Los_Angeles

Coming from the south of Guild War 2 world, the humans of Tyria rose abruptly by setting up the kingdoms of Orr, Kryta, and Ascalon, displacing other peoples, including the centaurs and charr, in the process. However, born with ambition and desires, humans broke internal wars instantly. As a result, the human nations were weakened. When the charr invaded Ascalon, humans were easily defeated.

Rather than surrender to the charr, King Adelbern invoked the Foefire, a powerful curse that transformed his people into ever-vigilant ghosts. Orr vanished beneath the sea, only to rise years later as a kingdom of the undead ruled by the Elder Dragon Zhaitan. Lion’s Arch was inundated and then reborn as a city of many reaces. Kryta plunged into civil war, and only survived due to the actions of its valiant heroes.

Yet through it all, humanity persevered, protecting the best qualities of its people and history. Although surrounded by challenges and confronted by threats within the without, the race survives and thrives in a world that becomes more deadly by the day.

If you show interest in humans, you can choose humans as your first class. Anyway, we are humans. We know humans. We recognize humans. Therefore, humans are sincere to us. And you will feel kind to humans’ appearance. Choose humans and traverse the world to make Guild Wars 2 gold.

The Guildwars2 Team

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