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Level-up Chests from Level 2 to 80 in GW 2 Chinese Version

Friday, June 20, 2014 12:02:27 AM America/Los_Angeles

For a long time, all players spare no efforts to gain fine equipments and gears in GW2, even buy GW 2 gold for it. However, GW2 Chinese version has launched a series of level-up chests from level 2 to 80. It is a huge benefit to players. When does it come true on American and European sever?

Content of level-up chests

In Guild War 2 Chinese version, as long as you character level up, you can receive a chest. All level-up chests cover skill points, attribute points, boosters, harvesting tools, dyes, salvage kits, bags and weapon.

Note that Chinese GW2 players have to level to unlock the weapons skills and the abilities with the offhand weapons.

Detailed rewards on different level

1. Attribute points. players can get + 30 attribute points to upgrade level 4, + 35 at level 10 and 16, + 40 on level 22, 55 on level 28, 70 on level 40, 73 on level 46, 80 on level 56, 82 on level 64, 95 on level 80.

2. Unlocks of certain features. A series of underwater fields are opened, and by leveling up, players can also be rewarded the underwater weapons and breath apparatus. Besides, a series of personal story chapters will be unlocked on the way.

3. Many kinds of weapons are offered, and weapon skill 2 to 5 can be unlocked at level 2, 4, 7, and 10.

4. Salvage kits are given on level 12, 38 and 44. Usually, a guild to salvaging also will be attached.

5. Boosters are provided at level 18 and any other levels.

6. The harvesting tools are first found at level 9.

Besides, more and more skill points will be rewarded while leveling up. And cafting material bags with a crafting guide also can be found at many levels.

When we are shocked by these rewards on Chinese version, there is a doubt when the above all come true on American and European server. Come back to the reality now. Buy cheapest Guild Wars 2 gold at gw4gold to gain more skill points and other items now.



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