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Mesmer Class in Guild Wars 2 - Masters of Illusion

Monday, May 7, 2012 2:38:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

Mesmers are masters of illusion, misdirection and control; they subvert and disrupt foes to achieve their personal goals. The fabric of reality warps at the mesmer’s command, reflecting attacks, slowing down casters, and inflicting devastating chaos damage.

The mesmer is a specialist; using the arcane arts of domination, illusion and inspiration, it can prevent or punish action – or inaction. With the ability to cast spells faster than anyone else, a mesmer can drain energy, shatter enchantments, and interrupt spells in quick succession. By twisting the ether, a mesmer can steal enemy skills and buffs, and use them for itself.

Mesmer Elite Skills and Healing

Enshadowed's Pick: Mantra of Recovery is almost unusable in a high level PvP environment. Mirror has a longer cooldown than Ether Feast and heals the least.

Ether Feast is the way to go in my opinion; it has a short cooldown and heals the most.

Elite Skills

1. Moa Morph: An ability that lets you morph your enemies into a harmless, easy to kill moa for 10 seconds.

2. Time Warp: Creates a large field which gives all allies quickness, and reduces the speed of enemies inside of it.

3. Mass Invisibility: Gives you and your allies stealth for 5 seconds.

Enshadowed's Pick: The most beneficial by far is Moa Morph, as it has a decent cooldown for an elite and enables you to counter ANY other elite. In example a Necromancer uses his lich form or an Elementalist uses his Tornado. It will cancel their elite and turn them into a defenseless bird for 10 seconds, cancelling them from the fight for quite some time.

Healing: There is a trait in the inspiration tree called “Restorative Illusions” it heals a small amount when you shred illusions. One of if not the most useful trait you could ever have in PvP. It heals for 1-2k per one illusion shattering. When you use 2 shatters it heals for half as much as your healing utility.

We hope you find this useful for your GW2 game play and we have been constantly trying our best to provide you the most useful information as well as cheap Guild Wars 2 gold and other guild wars 2 products and services for all the players. Hope you enjoy yourself to the max with Gw4gold!

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