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Monster and NPCs Naming Origin in Guild Wars 2

Thursday, May 24, 2012 10:44:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

The content designer of ArenaNet, Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda has added a new post on ArenaNet blog, which give us some background on exactly what goes on in the process of naming things in Guild Wars 2. As we know, there are tons of creatures, locations, and items in Tyria world. Though wrangling the names of so many different things over such a huge scale is a daunting task, ArenaNet has developed an excellent system to manage them.

Names in Guild Wars 2 have their origins in many different sources, including real-world lore, established naming schemes, onomatopoeia, outside media, cheeky references to Colin Johanson as well as button mashing. Whether it’s for a monster, a character, or an item, all names begin life in a placeholder state, and are subjected to what we like to call the "sanity check." This is a safety pass to ensure proper spelling and pronunciation, the latter of which is even more important if the name is ever going to be voiced by an actor.

The names in Guild Wars 2 are not from the usual name around. One of the most fascinating lore elements of the game is the cultural evolution of charr names. Charr like to use nicknames like: Swift, Cowl, Roan, Pyre, Ember. Charr favor consonants that are brash, like: D, R, T, G, K, etc. It is possible that names that do not represent real-life concepts such as Ember, Pyre, etc. adhere to certain guidelines that help dictate what names are appropriate for each gender. Ex: Kalla sounds more feminine than Rytlock.It is easy to supplement additional "r, a, z, d, t, and k" for a more robust charr characteristic.The first half of the surname is the warband. The second half is some attribute of the charr.

When naming a creature, they are given a name to claim, which the cubs within a single warband derive their surnames, such as Fierceshot or Doomclaw. The primus warband of any legion carries the name of that legion - Ash, Blood, Iron and in the case of the Gold Legion, Flame. This singular legion is hereditary, but the leader must claim the name through blood challenge - a fight between descendants of the Khan-Ur for supremacy within the legion.

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