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Reliable GW2 Gold Site Shares Tips for Dealing Damage and Healing

Thursday, February 7, 2013 5:53:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

Efficient healing is really helpful in game at any case! Did you have any problems with dealing damage and healing in game? In fact, many players may encounter different problems in game! And the most common one must be the lacking of Guild Wars 2 gold as farming gold in Guild Wars 2 is rather difficult! Whatever problems you get with playing Guild Wars 2, you can come to GW4gold for help! In addition to cheap Guild Wars 2 gold you would get here, more helpful guides for the game you can also find from this reliable gw2 gold site! Today, we will share some tips for dealing damage and healing in game!

You do not have an Auto-attack.

Not in the conventional sense. You do have a weapon skill #1 that does everything you want an auto-attack to do: it constantly re-casts, has no cool down, directly targets your opponent, and deals damage without consuming resources. We still call it an auto-attack. But it is a skill, and as such it follows all the same rules that your other skills do. Your weapon skill #1 does not act as the damage filler beneath your other, more important skills. It is a primary source of damage. For defensively oriented weapon sets, auto-attack is the primary source of damage. This means pushing all other buttons at every opportunity may not deal the most damage. In many cases, this will actually reduce your overall damage output because you haven't allowed your weapon skill #1 to get used.

Your button 2, 3, 4, and 5 weapon skills are all situational abilities.

Even the ones that only deal damage, they require certain scenarios to maximize effectiveness. A channeled melee skill that roots your character in place, for example, will only do full damage if your opponent stands in front of you without moving for the duration. A high damage Area attack won't deal any damage if your target steps outside the area. A Direct targeted skill can get dodged.

Players who deal the most damage waste the least on poor opportunities.

Before using a cool down, consider if the damage or affect has a good chance to land. Given that your auto-attack is generally you’re most reliable and least wasteful source of damage, lean on that as much as possible and save your other skills for the right opportunity. On the other hand, truly perfect opportunities rarely happen. If you can get most of the damage to land, say 80% success (which means 20% of the damage is wasted), that's a happy minimum.

Heal early, heal often in game.

Efficient healing is pretty simple: heal early, heal often. Since most healing spells have only a 20 to 30 second cool down, you can expect to heal at least twice in a standard fight, and much more often in a group battle or series of fights. Healing early is a great habit. Many players wait until they have only 20-25 percent of their health before healing; don't do that. The earlier you heal, the earlier that the cool down finishes to let you heal again.

So do you have any ideas for dealing damage and healing now? After getting these tips, hope you can do well with dealing damage and healing in game! Please remember that whenever you need to buy gw 2 gold or gw2 items, GW4gold will be your best choice!

The GW4gold Team

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