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Review Development of Guild Wars 2 and Buy Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold

Thursday, September 12, 2013 8:59:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

Time flies, and it’s hard to believe that it has already been one year since the launch of Guild Wars 2. To commemorate our favourite game and companion, let’s take a look at vast improvements in the game since launch. For the better development of Guild Wars 2, you can prepare guild wars 2 cheap gold to enjoy yourself in the game and support it.

Improvements of Guild Wars 2

Many MMOs now launch with some issues here and there. But how the issues are addressed and fixed is what gives players an idea on how enjoyable your playing experience is going to be. Definitely, Guild Wars 2 is a good example to deal with the problems well and that’s must be one of the reasons why you can back up it with such a long time with guild wars 2 gold cheap. Here is a typical examples we have experienced already.

At the first beginning of the launch, many players had issues trying to play World vs. World. The chat was filled with players complaining how they would love to try out WvW, but their deaths would come from unknown sources. Many didn’t know what to call this, but soon the word culling was in every players vocabulary. Players could run around in large zergs, using their combined might to just kick down gates and claim keeps. What’s worse, Culling wasn’t just plaguing WvW, PvE also had some issues. Many players have nightmares from invisible karka rolling over them, and several other players, capable of wiping out an entire zerg.

Facing this terrible situation, ArenaNet didn’t repeat their mistakes. The Queen’s Jubilee brought players back to huge cooperative groups to solve the problems. Finally, the culling has been addressed, and players’ flocking to the game makes the battles even more epic and interesting.

Buy guild wars gold and keep growing with Guild Wars

Most bugs or mistakes were fixed rather quickly in Guild Wars and after the problems were dealt with, the game started to become more alive. We have get lots of fun from it, while we have grown up a lot with it. From all what have happened, we can hope a bright future of Guild Wars 2. Buy cheap guild wars 2 gold from us to continue develop with the game together.

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