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Several Characteristics of Guild Wars 2 PvP System

Sunday, May 20, 2012 10:32:07 PM America/Los_Angeles

ArenaNet is putting an effort to make the Guild Wars 2 PvP system into an E-Sport game. In the  interviews of Guild Wars 2 designer, Eric Flannum, Isaiah Cartwright, Ryan Scott talked about the characteristics of structuring PvP system. To increase your chances of winning in the PvP combat, you should first have a good master of the following features of Guild Wars 2 PvP system.

1. In Guild Wars 2, there is a great number of options for players to have the custom role facial details as well as to make up their historical story of their role.

2. The developer hope that the PvP system of Guild War 2 could surpass all the game in the market now, this structuring system have 3 characters:

1) As same as the other games, the pvp of the guild war 2 was divided in 3 types: Random matching and championships. But the guild war 2 players could take part in the pvp at any level and choose any skills.

2) The random fit will allow any players choose their pvp style freely.

3) The developer will add miniature and let the players choose their pvp style which they like.

3. There will have some special skills in the Guild Wars 2 professions, but it's not mean that some profession will have a necessary situation.

4. Different race have different surface, background story and some special skills, while the developer don't hope that there have big difference in difference race.

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