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Store GW2 Gold, Look Up Guild Wars 2 Aetherblade Pirates

Friday, June 28, 2013 5:43:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

Following the launch of the Sky Pirates of Tyria expansion, Guild Wars 2 unveiled a new group of pirates on Tyria with nary a warning and not from the see, they come from the air, and their ships fly! You are going to be busy with more stuff to figtht with for epic loot in Guild Wars 2! Buy guild wars 2 gold on GW4gold and get start to enjoy, you have watch the skies, rather than the water, for signs of trouble!

Guild Wars 2 Aetherblade Pirates: Look up!

Here come a new group of pirates on Tyria! Unlike the five or six pirate factions, the new Aetherblade Pirates don’t bother messing around the water, they come from the air and their ships fly! The lore of the group is not exactly revealed very much, leaving people around more anxious about detials for these pirates.

According to the official Lionsguard report, this new group of Aetherblade Pirates seems not associate with any of the existing pirate groups, and not offers any detgails about their leadership. As, those captured show no real knowledge for doing mechanisms behind these vessels, we think there is also reason to believe that these pirates are not actually responsible for the maintenance of their own ships! Then, what do they want, and where are they from? It may be that they are only marauding force working for a more dangerous and powerful strength, which may be an unpleasant threath for the citizens in Tyrian!

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