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The Current Most Outstanding Issues with GW2 from Players

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 11:43:07 PM America/Los_Angeles

Guild Wars 2 has soon become one of the most popular MMO games throughout the world since its release on August 28, 2012. While indulging in playing the game, players also encountered some issues. Here are some of the most outstanding issues for PvE and PvP at present concluded by some Guild Wars 2 players. If you got stuck with some issues in the game, please feel free to GW4gold, a professional Guild Wars 2 gold site aiming to help players get a more plesant gaming experience.

Issues For GW 2 PvE:

1. Condition builds are not viable in many situations.

2. Power/berserker builds are overrepresented in the current metagame, relative to support, condition, or cc-heavy builds. Damage is king.

3. As a result, there is a heavy class imbalance toward warriors, mesmers and guardians, and away from rangers, necros and engineers.

4. CoF p1 is far and away the most lucrative activity in the game.

5. Precursors are unobtainable for normal players.

6. Small guilds are feeling the crunch of high influence cost for bounties/guild content.

7. Mid-level zones are depopulated.

8. Underwater combat is skimpy and extremely imbalanced. Many builds completely don't work underwater and the lack of weapon choices can be frustrating.

Issues For GW2 PvP:

1. Either way too easy to get gear-skins you want or extremely hard.

2. No real rewards once you get the gear you want.

3. Winning matches and gaining the most glory points have conflicting objectives (i.e. most players who are farming for points don't care if they win or lose.)

4. Heavily favors bunker or anti bunker builds.

5. No pure pvp. it's all objectives based.

6. Now that they've taken out tournament tickets, there's no incentive to do daily/monthly if you have the gear you want.

These are the most outstanding issues for current PvE and PvP system from some Guild Wars 2 players. Have you ever encountered these problems? If you get no idea about how to deal with the issues you' ve got, come to GW4gold. We not only provide cheapest GW 2 gold for players, but also offer some useful guide for players to enhance their game experience. Choose us and we never let you down!

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