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The Detailed Introducing of the Necromancer in GW2

Thursday, July 12, 2012 7:57:15 PM America/Los_Angeles

The necromancer is the practitioner of the dark art, He calls for the dead, master the power of lost souls, and absorb the enemies' vitality. Vitality is energy of the necromancer, through which he can deceive, avoid death, or call back the dead from the opposite bank.

Besides, death and decay is also energy of the necromancer in GW2. When he can attack down enemies, get more vitality through some special skills. If the necromancer is facing the physical weaknesses state, he will automatically start the death cover ability, so that he can continue to fight in the state of covering the soul through death, until he spends all vitality, or were finally struck and killed to return to his own dead body.

The necromancer has his own unique skills include the magic bubble. He can also control those areas around him. For example, the necromancer can call the hemorrhage pool helping his teammates physical recovering.

The necromancer can also call for the undead entourages, The undead entourages act in accordance with will of the necromancer to attack their opponents, and the necromancer can also has the mark function, He can mark a sign, For example, when the seal of blood is damaging the enemies, he also can help the team mates around him.

What's more, the necromancer has the scaring ability. He can scare enemies so that the enemies can run away from him.

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