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Tips for Securing Your Guild Wars 2 Account

Thursday, August 30, 2012 12:06:22 AM America/Los_Angeles

It is said that several cases of account theft and attempted account theft are found by Guild Wars 2 developers. Therefore, Guild Wars 2 is taking actions to deal with the security issue by disabling the "reset password" feature, in-game mail and banning bots. So currently we are not able to deliver Guild Wars 2 gold and items through in-game mail. However, we can spare this period to secure our account.

1. Change your password to be stronger and unique.

It is common that gamers are playing two or more MMOs at one time. And usually they would like to set the passwords of all the MMOs they are playing to be the same for good memorability. But they bear the risks of causing accounts to be scammed as the accounts are compromised. In order to keep your account safe, you had better use a strong password that is unique to your Guild Wars 2 account. What constitutes of an ideal strong password? Let's have a look at the example.

Weak Password: 123456, abcdefg

Stronger Password: abc123

Strongest Password: abc#123

Ideal Password: abc#123def

An ideal strong password should contain characters, numbers and mark.

2. Guild Wars Account E-mail Authentication

Email authentication is a feature that notifies you if someone tries to log into your account from a location you've never logged in from before. Thus, even if someone guesses your game password, he can't log in unless he also guesses your email account password. Guild Wars Account E-mail Authentication service will be launched in the near future. So you had better authenticate your account if that service is live.

3. Check e-mails from a trusted device

Never check your e-mails from a distrusted device. Supposed you are using a compromised machine, hackers will not be able to gain access to your e-mail account on condition that you check your e-mails from a trusted device.

4. Bots are prohibited.

Guild Wars 2 will ban anyone who runs a bot to farm GW2 gold according to their normal policy. You should never have brave exceptions to use bots to get lots of GW2 gold. If you see somebody using a bot, you have the responsibility to respond the situation to Guild Wars 2 developers. Here GW4gold wants to add that GW4gold will never use a bot or other illegal programs to farm GW2 gold.

So above are the specific ways for you to secure your Guild Wars 2 account. By the way, please feel safe to buy gold Guild Wars 2 at GW4gold. Together with you, GW4gold is dedicated to building up a friendly environment for all the Guild Wars 2 players.

The GW4gold Team

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