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Tips to Gain GW2 New Items in Bazzar of the Four Wind

Saturday, July 13, 2013 4:01:24 AM America/Los_Angeles

The new release of Bazzar of the Four Wind in Guild Wars 2 has drawn a lot of attentions of our GW2 players, and most of you may just want to get the impressive new items there. Yet, the new items in Gem Store are really expensive, then buy cheap guild wars 2 gold on GW4gold is a better choice for a better game enjoy as our price is always cheaper than marketing. And today, we would love to share you the tips to gain guild wars 2 new items in Bazzar of the Four Wind!

New Items in Bazzar of the Four Wind!

Well, let’s see what new items are shown in Gem store.

1. Kite Fortune
Kite Fortune is a container. It’s the item can give you Fortune Scraps and boost effects. In the game, you can double click to get a fortune and you can get 10-minute boost of speed, magic, karma or experience.

Ways to require this item:  First, you can buy it in Gem store, but the price is a little high. Second, you can get it from any enemy who drops the fortune. Third, the item also can be found in the Zephyr Sanctum Kite Basket and Zephyr Sanctum Supply Box. However, the chance of last three ways is quite rare.

2. Bazzar Quaggan Mini Pack

 Bazzar Quaggan Mini Pack

Are the pets in the picture lovely? Do you want to know their names? Let me tell you. From left to right, there are Peggellegg the "Pirate", Kookoochoo the Incredulous and Poowulpi the Persnicketous. If you like, they can be your good friends. And right now they are waiting for you to get pick them up in Gem store and only take 500 gems. Hurry up to get these cute mini pets. When your gold is not so sufficient, always buy cheapest GW2 gold on gw4gold!

3. The Key to the Black Lion Chest
You may need keys to unlock the Black Lion Chests. Now there is a big chance for you. If you buy the keys in Gem store, you can obtain a Tome of Knowledge. And your character can be leveled up by the item you get. It’s really a bargain, and it’s really a good treasure as the item even can save your time to leveling.

Is your blood boiling now after seen the above three items? Do you want to own the items? By now I just can help buying one in the game. The rate of exchanging gold into gems is quite high, which makes me hesitate to buying gold for cute things. However, buy guild ward 2 gold and try to crush into the three mini packs! Our gold is 100% manual and safe without any bots or macros!

The GW4Gold Team

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